Safer Browser is “Sandboxed” to stop unwanted browser extensions from maliciously compromising your privacy, identity and personal data.


Safer Adblock prevents tracking scripts and ads which allow webpages to load faster. You can easily customize your settings in our Safer Security Center.


Browse with confidence using several privacy features like incognito browsing, built in password manager (coming soon), https encryption, do-not-track, etc.

The most advanced security features

Active Anti-Virus

Detects if you have an active Anti-Virus installed and offers a variety of options for you to download and install.

Password Manager

Generate secure passwords and eliminate the need to remember them.

Safer Adblock

Prevents ads which allow webpages to load faster and protects against malicious ads.

Safe Browsing

Be alerted and protected against visiting malicious websites or downloads.

Extension Sandboxing

Prevent unwanted extensions and plug-ins that compromise security and privacy.

Do not track

Protect your privacy from today’s pervasive online web tracking services.

Incognito Plus

Use this mode to block a record of your activity online and keep your session private, plus block 3rd party cookies and site data.

HTTPS Encryption

Encrypt your communications with major websites, making your browsing secure.

Flash Protect

Automatically block flash to reduce latency, power consumption and increase security.